Why Drive for VognGo?

Use our Bits to move their Atoms


See the parts of your town you didnt know were there. See more of your community.

Bearer of Gifts

Christmas, Birthdays or Valentine's day. You are there to deliver.

App Assistance

See live in app your route & pay earned for the pay period.


Create your own schedule so you can spend time with your family..

Bright Move

Be a trailblazer and become part of this on-demand economy


The more you drive the more you earn. Be your own boss and give you dictate how much you want to make.

Why Drive for VognGo?

VognGo is an app and business that started as an idea in 2013. Our goal was not only to fill the needs of busy people that want to get stuff home, we also wanted to help all of you with trucks that are sitting idle. We are a company that started grassroots and we are not the best because we are the biggest. We are the biggest because we are the best.

  • Extensive library of training video
  • Driver contest and holiday get togethers
  • 2 way reviews - to ensure mutual respect you get a chance to rate your customer just like they get to rate you.
  • VognGo is working hard to increase our driver experience. Check back often for what's coming next in your VognGo app.


1. All drivers must have a valid driver's license, valid auto insurance, and valid registration

2. All vehicles must pass an inspection before you can drive for VognGo

3. All drivers must pass a background and driving history check. No felonies or DUIs in the last 7 years

4. Customers should not ride in the vehicle with the driver

5. Any tolls or dumping fees paid by the driver to complete the job will be added to the customers bill.

6. Driver's must have a working iPhone or Android phone.

Do you VognGo?

Become a VognGo star. We want your video. Submit your 30 second video of your experience with VognGo. We will be happy to include your video testimonial on our youtube channel..

Contact us via email below if you have any questions. Lewd or objectional material will not be considered.

Be a VognGo Driver

VognGo is always looking for experienced qualified drivers with their own Pick-Up Truck, Cargo Van, Trailer or Box Truck

Stay Close To Home

Work Where you want, When you want. Active drivers will get a dispatch message and if you want the job you accept the dispatch. As an independent contractor you are your own boss.


Our drivers are among the highest paid per mile in the industry. We want our drivers happy. Happy drivers = Happy customers.

24/7 Support

Our support extends all days and hours for both our customers and drivers. So you wont feel alone if you accept a dispatch at 9 pm. Send an email at bottom of page and get started today.


Want to see VognGo Driver side before downloading it. Here ya go!

Your Size VognGo for your size item

Here we list a sample of some of our vehicle sizes (More available in app). Minimums apply.

Pick-Up Truck


  • Economical
  • EZ load and Unload
  • Professionally Tied Down
  • High Vehicle Availability
  • Loads up to 1000 lbs.
  • Limited Space (Usually 4' x 6'-8')

Cargo Van

$1.49 /minute

  • Elements Protection
  • EZ load and Unload
  • Professionally secured
  • Loads up to 1200 lbs.
  • Medium Availability
  • Limited Cargo Height

Box Truck

$1.99 /minute

  • Elements Protection
  • Large capacity for large items
  • EZ wall mount surfaces
  • Loads up to 2500 lbs.
  • Most Economical per square foot
  • Minimum reduced to 10 miles

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